Ear Surgery

Among the multitude of congenital ear anomalies the most common presentation is the prominent ear. This consists of a mostly normal ear which is rotated forward and thus, in front to back view, appears prominent. There may be concomitant anomalies of the underlying cartilage folds and other aspects of the ear which require attention. No incisions are made on the visible aspect of the ear.

This procedure is most frequently performed on our younger patients . A frequently asked question is " When is the best time to do the operation ? " The answer is twofold. 1) When there is a great degree of prominence correction is performed just prior to starting school. 2) In lesser cases it can be performed during a school holiday when the young patient expresses dissatisfaction with her/his ears.

Under general anaesthesia (or local anaesthesia in hardy individuals) an incision is made behind the ear (where ear meets head) and correction is effected. A bandage is placed to protect the ears for one week. Upon removal the ears will appear excessively flattened however this will last for less than a day. Scarring is minimal and bruising is very little if at all.

The Details

  • Time: 1.5 hours.
  • Hospital stay: Home same day.
  • Back to work: Whenever comfortable / convenient. Generally one week.
  • Driving a car: Next day.
  • Exercise: 3 weeks.
  • Contact sport: 4-6 weeks minimum.