Eye Tuck/Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty is performed on the eyelids to remove excess skin and fat from either upper, lower or both upper and lower lids. A very popular operation and can provide a great degree of improvement in facial appearance.

When meeting another person the first area noted are the eyes and as the saying goes "first impressions last." This operation will not remove crows feet. It can be done either under local or general anaesthesia.

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Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Rhytidectomy is for those who are experiencing sagging skin in the neck, jowls and face. There are many permutations of this procedure but all aim to result in a more youthful neck and facial appearance. It can be combined with Blepharoplasty and fillers may also be employed to restore lost facial volume at the same time. This is done under general anaesthetic.

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Skin Resurfacing (Dermabrasion)

Before lasers, dermabrasion and deep peels were the way to go for skin resurfacing. Dermabrasion involves mechanically removing skin layer by layer until a smooth surface results. Dermabrasion has a result at least comparable to laser if not better.

Usually employed in light skinned patients to minimize smokers lines and may be used judiciously with deep peels for an optimal result. This is done in the rooms under local anaesthetic.

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Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is a very sensitive and delicate process. It is imperative to have a clear and realistic goal in mind prior to the consultation. It is an operation where small changes can make a notable difference. It is also a procedure where a minor amount of post- operative swelling, which may last many months can obscure the final result. A large amount of patience is required during the healing process.

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Ear Surgery

Among the multitude of congenital ear anomalies the most common presentation is the prominent ear. This consists of a mostly normal ear which is rotated forward and thus, in front to back view, appears prominent. There may be concomitant anomalies of the underlying cartilage folds and other aspects of the ear which require attention. No incisions are made on the visible aspect of the ear.

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Chin Surgery

This operation is performed via an incision in the skin fold under the chin or inside the mouth. Its purpose is to provide improved balance to the nose / lip/ chin profile view.

A prosthesis is placed in a small pocket over the bony portion of the chin to move the soft tissues forward. It is sutured in place and external strapping is placed to maintain shape and minimize swelling.

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Lip Rejuvenation

Lip rejuvenation has become a very popular procedure. This procedure is performed with Hyaluronic acid (a substance found naturally in the body and identical to human hyaluronic acid.) It is well tolerated and after a few days is integrated into the body such that it cannot be detected. It further has the advantage of complete reversibility. This lasts approximately 9 to 12 months. It is performed under a local anaesthetic block to the peri- oral region prior to injection of the filler.

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Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers have been in use for many years to smooth facial wrinkles and augment areas of the face such as cheeks chin lips and jawline. They are non permanent and can be reversed in the unlikely event that the requested effect is no longer desired. Longevity varies by type from 9 months to 18 months.

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Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX®)

This muscle paralysant has also been safely used in trained hands for many years. It can be used to successfully decrease wrinkles on the brow forehead and eyes. The effect can be individually tailored to the patients needs.

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