Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)

This procedure involves the insertion of a silicone prosthesis to enhance both the shape and size of the breast. It is a very popular and safe procedure performed under general anesthesia (i.e asleep) and involves very little scarring. No drainage is required.

breast enlargement

The prosthesis is inserted through a small incision placed slightly above the breast fold to ensure it is kept hidden by your bra/bikini top at all times. Placement may be in front of or behind the chest muscle depending upon your lifestyle and body shape. This will be elaborated upon during the consultation as will the shape and size of the prosthesis.

Should there be a notable difference in size between the left and right breast, this can be accommodated with prostheses of different volume to get a more symmetrical appearance.

The Details

  • Time: 1.25 Hours
  • Hospital stay: Overnight
  • Back to work: 5-7 days depending on occupation.
  • Driving a car: 7-14 days depending on circumstances.
  • Exercise: Light at 3 weeks. Full at 6 weeks.